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s. >>> el martes vamos a reunirnors de nuevo para saber si quieren continuar la huelga, el acuerdo preliminar para alcanzar un nuevo contrato con la junta de educación, lewis dijo que algo que también preocupa es el posible cierre de los planteles, por su parte, vitale dijo lo siguiente. >>>ttengo que hablar con el alcalde, porque testamos desilusionados, después de alcanzar un compromiso justo, se decida mantener a los niños fuera de clases, el alcalde de chicago, rahm emanuel solicitó entablar acción legal para deponer la huelga. >>> son alrededor de 30 mil maestros los que participan en el paro laboral, por lo pronto cps, el grupo de parques, darán alternativas para los estudiantes, desde chicago paula gómez, univisión. >>> cientos de personas se reunieron en un parque de nueva york para celebrar el primer aniversario del movimiento ocupemos wall street, además mañana hay una marcha con el fin de bloquear la bolsa de valores. >>> las bandas criminales en méxico no dcieron tregua ni el día del grito de independencia, en jalisco cientos de personas fueron asesinadas,
attacks on u-s embassies... in response to an anti-islam video.why the worst violence &pand.. why facebook... may be making ou fat. p3 3 3 friday, septemberr14. 3 14.friday, september 14. 3 3 3 3 3 3 attorneysswant the 15-year old... perry hall high school shooting suspect tried as a juvenile.robert gladden's attorneyy made the request in courttyesterday. here with more on how the is - teens mental state could be a deciding factor. good morning guys,15 year old robert gladden appeared in it is in this mug shot... he a black t-shirt and black baggy pants. both sides were in court for his bail review hearing... that hearing was postponedd though because the defense said they needed more time to review some medical records. gladden is indicted on 29 counts following the erry hall school shooting that critically injured another student named daniel.although the state charged hii as an adult... gladden's attorney's want that changed. sot 22:25:35 at that age...yyu don't throw somebody away at age 15 for a bad act 3 actmental hospital doctors he has since been placed on suicide watch. whi
outside the u-s embassy in cairo to keep hundreds of protesters away from the building's perimeter.the clashes came amid heightened tensions t u-s diplomatic missions ii the region following tuesday's attack on the u-s consulate in benghazi, ed payne reports... four americans, including the ambassador to libya, were kille. --reporter pkk-as follows -- u-s flags flew at half-staff at the white houss and the capitol wednesday as the nation mourned.a ggoup of peavily armed militants launched an attack on the u-s consulate complex in benghazi on tuesday,,pelting it with gunfire ann rocket-propelled grenades.the siege ignited a fire, filling the safe room with smoke, and driiing at least one person in it to the the end, four died, including the u-- ambassador to libya, chris stevens, who helped save benghazi during last year's revolution.he's the first u-s ambassador tt be killed since 19979.a life-long friend opened up about the loss.i lost someone who actually unconditionally loved think what the world lost was a great diplomat who was interested in peace and humanit
. the church is also raising money to help the family with medical expenses. for fox 45's compllte coverage of the peery hall high school shooting, go to our website, fox baltimore dot com and look for perry hall shooting under the hot topiis banner at the top of the page. a two-alarm fireeheavily damaged a baltimore county crab house.. that is a landmark in the dundalk neighbo. for the baltimore county fire department says an employee of ross' crab house noticed a fire in the restaurant's basement at abbut 7:30 sunday night. six employees and 15 custommrs who were in the place... safely got out. and a fire engine that was a block later.firefighters were able e - tt contain it.. the cause of the fire was not immediately known. one firefighter was treated for elevaaed blood pressure. a 22-year old woman is shot east baltimore.this morning... the unman. shot in the chesttearly yesterday morning... while a house on the alameda near f - richnor avenue. police don'tt think amos was the intended taaget...but they're not saying anything about a motive or suspect yet. two stabbings at two
election. were released by debatt they moderator, jim lehrer off -b-s. the first 3 of the debate's 6 segmentss.. will focus on the economy.tte other 3 segments will focus on health care... the role of government... and governing.each segment is expected to last about 15 minutes.the first debate ttkes place october 3rd... at the university of denver in colorado. an iowa couple... has the ultimate wedding crasher... president obama! back on september first, john and sayli gibbs tied the knot at iowa's living history farms...but on the same daa... president obama has a last minute rally at the same ocati. location.luckily the vent ended on time.... and the ccuple got married.they even commander ii chief.from the - jon: "everything has a wedding. michelle and i wish you a great liie together. barack obama." obama."in addition to the couple a mint julip glass..he - which the groom drank out of... that same night. parents of yyung children are honest if nothing else..... a recent poll shows 20 percent of parents admit to not reading the instructions when installing their child's car
inherently dangerous. dangerous. workers at the maryland s-p-c--, say since the ruling, they've received several phone calls from concerred pet owners... dropped off... left to find new homes. they say the animals are unjustly labled because of the court ruling. (drake) "no, it's absolutely unfair to target any particular breed of dog. it hassmuch more to do with how the dogs are cared for than any bbeed. it has uch more & o do with how the dogs e pared for than any breed. you know, 10 years ago, rottweilers were targeted, before that it was german shepa" shepards." bridget wiley and her two sons say they love the breed... despite the eputation and pit... named "daisy". maryland is the only state in landlords of just one breed nd - ssrictly liable for injuries. the state mosquito control commision... has delayed a second round of spraaing in pikesville.earlier this month, crews sprayed a community near milford mill road where there's a confirmed case of west nile.they'll return to spray the area again on september 24th and october 1st. residents are advise
in howwrd county, was just named second on inc. 500's list of the fastest-growing companies in the nation 3 the nationgrowiig ccmpaaies in 500's list of the fastest- named second on inc. 500's list of the fastest-growing companies innthe nation astrum solar, no. 2annapolis junction,,md. three-yeer growth: 23,577.3% 3 2011 revenue: $26.9 millionemployees: 150 founded in 2007, the 3 residential solar installer says it believes thht preseeting a siiple solar process for onsumers will lead to its widespread adoption. astrum has six operation centers, servicing a dozen states from michigan too virginia, and theecompany says it's one of the country's top aggreeators of residential solar renewable energy credits. it most recently opened in office outside bosson to service customers in massaccusetts, connecticut and rhode island. the commany provides both lease and own options for customers. astrum's website features a with eaay-to--se sliding scales and graphics. its holds a doctorate in kov, biomedical engineeriig and previously founded american journal experts, an editing company for a
the u-s switches from a more expensive &psummer blend of gasoline... t aacheaper winter blend. experts say drivers should start to see prices at the pump go down as early as next week. some badly needed improvements are coming to 12 libraries in baltimore city million dollars.he tune of 5 - dollars. the first 3 are opening today, and joel d. smith is streaming now... inside one of them in south baltimore to show us the latest technology, and tell us why taxpayers are not paying for any of it. good morning joel d. 3 going through airport secuuitt... can already seee like a headache. headache.but find out how airline officials are trying to make it ... hassle free.. in a matter of seven years! pears! 3 energy bill down to size? or get the yard ready for cool weather? the answer? a lot less. the great american fix-up is going on now... ...with new projects every week and big savings every day. so you can do what needs to be done. today. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. prep your garden for fall. three bags of earthgro mulch is just $10. tropical s
early 20's was shot here around 11:45 last night.he was taken to the hospital where he died just aashort time later. there were also two doubbe happened ere in north - baltimore... along boone night.this area is just off of greenmount avenue.police say one an was shot in the leg here... the other in the chest. you can see hey were oth put into ambulances and taken to the hospital. we're told about an hour pater... there was a second double shooting..hiisone in south east baltimore... along eaton street.two men were shot here. police are also investigating a shooting on rutland avenue... and one on frankford avenue aarests have been made in any of the shootings t this hour.we'll keep you updated as the morning continues.i'm megan tte searrh continues, this morning... for the gunman who opened fire at a house mother. 22-year-old larelle the- pmos was shot early sunday &pmorning at a home on the avenue in northeast baltimore. she was caught in the crossfire.... standing in the front yard when a bullet hit her in the chest. faaily members say the shots were fireddfrom own
poorest.áaccording to the u-s census bureau... baltimore is the 22nd poorest large city ii the finds that 1 in 4 residents livinn in poverty. poverty.the median income in thousand dollars ound 39 - and the average home value is 1-hundred-54 thousand dollars. washington d-c... on the other &phand... is ranked the third &pwealthiest city in the country. reeels armed with explosives and guus attacked a syrian building... much like the penta. plast.state teeevision reports four guards were killedd.. 14 were hurt.the attackers reportedly usee two suicide car bomms in their assault on the military facility in damascus.the free syrian armm claimed responsibility forrthe attaak. libya's president terror ttacc against the u-s mmssion in benghazi.the president'' chief pokesperson says... the president considers the deadly attack against the u-s mission in bbnggazi a terrorst attack. attack.catherine herridge explains whyysenate republicans are demanding specifics of the security concerns leading up the the att. attack. in addition to already as terrorism... at the un today secretary of state phe
is report shhws a 14-perceet drop pn prescription drug abuse of than 2- million people in the u-s started abusing prescription drugs lass year... that's about 64-- hundred new addicts a day. a favorite childhood pasttime gets a thumms down from chhld safety xperts. american academy of pediatrics urges parents to keep their &pthose with netting or padding. accordinngto theereport, there weee 98-thousand trampolinn- related injuriis ii the u-s in 2009.they say trampolines shoulddbe used solely for sports like gymnastics, nd only nder adult supervision. rumored facebook bug... that's exposing some users' priiate messagee to the public.this... after users reported messages showing up on their timelines. facebook says there was no malfunction in their privacy setttngs.inntead... the messages in quession were actually old wall posts from before the facebook "timeline" iiterface was used. a controversial last second win for monday night football...aad ppople have been lighting up the social nntworring sites! got peoole talking..under five seconds left n the game.. seahawks... throws up the h
at the national convention. of the key note speakers this year... s maryland's own governor martin o'malley.megan gilliland is to say at the convention and what's on the schedule today. good morninggguys,goovrnor o'malley took the podium last night during primeetime... emphasizing one key phrase... phrase...forward not backward backwardand he'ssbeen getting some praise for it... one delegate said he fired them up and brought some energy to the convention.especcilly when he talked aaout their republicann's what he said... 22:27:24mit romney ann paul ryan want to take america back... back to what? back to the failed poliiies that drove us into the deep recession back to the days oo record job loses back toodaas of nsurance companies being a woman a preexsisting ccndition i don't want to go back do you? you?we're expected to heaa &pfrom a few more speakers today... including former president bill clinton.also today... the delegates will vote for he democratic party candidate... for president of the united states. tomorrow presiient obama and vice president biden are
the p-s-c is expected to eventually decide whether haa surcharge should be lost power. university f alabama-mee &phunttville professor accused of shoottng six people has been sentenced to life in prison without parole. paroleeshe pleaded guilty to charges after opening fire at a faculty meeting on ampus in february of 2010, kiiling three people.despite the guilty plea, alabama state law reqqired a ttial, which asted less than a day.a jury convicted her of one count of capital murder.bishhp avoided the death penalty by pleading puilty to the charges. labor disputes between american airlines and iis pilots union... is causing even more canceled and delayyd flights.accooding to "flight-ssttssdot-com"... moree than 1-huudred flights were &pthe total number oo cancellations too5-hundred-70 since the contract dispute began morr than a week ago. pilots are upset because they're now required to fly more hours... and the airline is prooosing freezzng or terminating their retirement plan.more pilots arr now filing questionable maintenance complaints and caaling in sick. a-t-m fees are risin
's a very tiny cub, about a hundred grams. a powerful set of lungs, s you said, and that indicatts to us that we probably have a healthy cub but until we get out hands on it in about a week or two , we're gonna keep our fingers crossed." the zoo's keeping with chinese tradition of waiting 110 days before naming the cub.then the people of washington will help decide. the fight to keep resident obama.. off the kansas november ticket. ticket."he is our native son, baraak obama.""e-verify sayy his social security number is i" invalid." the one thing that got the complaint challeegiig the president's "natural born withdrawn. ((break 1)) [ chirps ] ♪ [ chirping ] [ chirping ] ♪ [ chirping ] ♪ [ male announcer ] audi a4 drivers have spoken. [ engine revs ] and they ranked the a4 highest in total quality index in its class. [ chirps ] ♪ girls are better writers than boys!at least that's theeword 3 from the nation's report caad. students were asked to perform writing tasks in three areas: to persuade, to explain and to convey an experience.on average, female students in the eighth grade
of the crash ... is still a mysttry. the c-s-x train was traveling eastbound around midnight august 20th... when it came off the tracks ...sending several cars loaded along the traak. two teenagers ... 19-year-olds elizabeth nass and rose mayr topplld by oal ...while wwre sitting on the railroad bridge. 327 i'm sure they're going to give it, you know, turn over look at everything because it certainly seems like uh, you know it's definitelty an unusual occurence 37 377-t-s-b investigators also reviewed track maintenance records and railroad equipment reeorted anything out of the ordinary.the report shows thh initial damage is about 2-poiit-2 million dollars. samples from the accideen sceee that will be sent to a lab forranalysis. the final report could take more ttan a year. another anne arundel county worker comes forward claimiig shh and othee women weer subjected to a hostile wook environment under county executive... john leepold. in the affidavit... the workkr... who is now on medical leave... writee how she had first hand knowledgee of workers eing fired for providing informat
stadium... there was a moment of silence for mr modell.he started his career in football ps the owner of the cleveland browns.when he brought the team to baltimore... he didnt' haae a lot of money... but he told us once... he found a sympathetic banker. iq: he took a liking to me oq: i think you''e going to do it ... and he gave me the credit creditand he became loved in baltimore because of can watch art modell's funeral online today as it happens. we'll stream it live starting at 11 a--... at foxxaltimore in lieu of flowers... the contributions be made to the - seek school in baltimore.i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. an elderly couple is found dead in their home ... in pikes. to this home on olmstead road ... monday afternoon. a neighbor checked on the couple and saw the manns lifeless body through the window. officers went inside and found the woman dead in the basement. therr were no signs of forced entry. they've yet to i-d the victims, but neighbors say the couple had lived there for a whhle. craig falk, pikeeville: "extremely rare, never. very peaceful and al
the most notooious and mysterious in u-s history. assed payne was killed by the mob... but his body was neverrfoond. 3 police will ddril outside a suburban detroit house today in the search for jimmm hoffa's body.a tipster told the spot in roseville, pichigan, around the same time the former teamsters boss disappeareddin 19-75.the burial site s under a concrete drrveway.police aa they are ánotá expeccing to find hoffa's booy, but they're going to find out for sure.wee do believe hat he may have seen a bodyybeing interred and as a result of that e did the ground penetratinggradar that showed an anomaly. we're gonna test for human remains ann if &pthat does in fact happen then we'll uh, you know, we'll &pstart to excavate.a former f-b-i aasistant ddrector - -- ggve his odds of hoffa's body being found there.i would say pretty close to zero. because it's not ccnsistent with the techniques they used. if they wanted to ispose of a body when theyykilled sooebody, first of all they wouldn'' do it in a shallow priveway, second of all, they wouldnnt do it in front of a moss powerful
are movinn s &pradius of city haal.chicago i seeing the biggest downtown population boom... with neww orleans trailing close behind. researrhers believe thh move is due to people wanting to live closer tootheer jobs. purple at one baltimore school thursday...even on a ravens gam! pameday!that's because three porioles pitchers visitee st. philip neri catholic school. because st. philip neri won a 'go orange' hhllenge this month.tte kids got a visit from jason hammel, tommy hunter and troy patton... along with announcer jim buck showalter was even rd! honored as principal for the day! jason hhmmel: 29.50 (on buck as principal) "withouu a doubt. if he can get us all in line, he'll beeabbe to get these youug kidssin line."kate principal: 3.43 since buck orioles,,iifigured it was kinda fitting making him principal foo the day."troy patton: 33.18 "no ooe woold get out of line with uck as pr" principal."st. philip neri school beat out about 30 other maryland schools. ssuuents more showees arr on the way... - thunderstoomm.your skywatch weather forecast is next. neet. (( krystal conwell : we see a
in an interview thattaired on c-b-s sunday. "60 minutes" asked obama if he feet pressure from israel's prime minister to change his policy and draw a line in the sand onniran's nuclear program. when it comes to our national security decisions, any ressure at i feel is simply to do what's right for the american people. and i am going to block out any noise that'' out there. now i feel an obligation, not make sure that we're in cllse consultation with the israelis on these issues because it affects them deeply. they're one f our closest allies in the region. the romney campaign responded -- quote -- "president obama called israel's legitimate concern about the impact of an iran armed with nuclear weapons 'noise' and referred to israel as merely 'one of our closest allies in the region.. this is just the latest evidence of security of our closest ally - endquote. i'm andrew spencer reportiigg as the war of wwrds continues... the candiiates are no doubt looking ahead to their first debate on october 3rd. a federal investigation findss the president's security was ánotá compromised... as a
run out. it's up to the senate now... to pass a short-term spending &pplan... thht would keep the u-s government funded through march.last night.. the houue approved the measure with a 329-to-91 vote.the temporary spending bill issneeded to avoid a government shut-down at the end of the's a resslt of an agreement with the whhte house... that delays another budget battle until after the november election. more moving vansswent in and ouu of d-c this summer... than any other city in the country. country.that's accordinn to a new report by "united van linee."the report shows the peak season for movvng... is may first through august 31st. the second most popular city for moving into... is chicago. atlanta, phoenix and dallas round out the top five. classes are canceled in chicago for the 5th day in a row... as the teachers union and board of education workkto reach an agreement in the teachers' strike.thh board of education says they're getting closer.both sides say they hope a deal will be reachee this weekend... and that kids can return to school on monddy. 3& police in t
are willing to share the other team in town. town. joel d. smith is caravan, to show s wwy purple friday is adding another color. good morning joel d. 3 the weekend is here!and we have a lot o e excited about! the o's plly tonight! tonight!meteorologist steve fertig ells you your gametime . forecast. ((break 1)) ♪i -- i got it ♪ i got it made ♪ i got it made ♪ i got it made fresh at subway ♪ ♪ breakfast made the way i say ♪ i got it made ♪ i got it made ♪ i got it made ♪ i got it made fresh at subway ♪ ♪ breakfast made the way i say [ male announcer ] get breakfast made the way you say, like your very own egg white & cheese topped with that creamy super food, avocado. want jalapenos? red onions? done and done. on toasty flatbread? you so got it made. ♪ at subway on toasty flatbread? you so got it made. you know what's exciting? graduation. when i look up into my students faces, i see pride. you know, i have done something worthwhile. when i earned my doctorate through university of phoenix, that pride, that was on my face. i am jocelyn taylor. i'm committed t
worked in baltimore... for lees than a year.nelson says... he 's now stopped hugging and kissiig family members for fear of spreading the disease. " i am a personable person that usually my family comes to me with hhgs and kisses and all of that.. those i have o cut out because im afraid there could be a speak of blood where they kiss me and it could infect them!" them!" half a dozen victims... in other stateshave were also treated by the same medical technician. a howard county judge rules ... a figure skaaing coach charged witt sex abuse.... can go free..... on the condition he surrenders to new york authorities within 72 hours. hours.genrich ásre-ten-skiá must also turn in his passport and post his clarksville home as bond. he's wanted in new york on charges of felony sex abuse and child endangerment. ásre-ten-skiá competed across europe and in the olympic games in 19-88. saying goodbye to a harford county sheriff's deputy. a second day of viewing for 34- year-olddcorporal charles lic-ato... is scheduled for this afternoon from 2 to 9 p-m at mc-comas funeral ho
beryl avenue.police say a man in his early 20's was shot around 11:45 yesterday morning. pe was taken to the hospital where he died just a short time later. there were also two ouble shootings yesterday.the first one happened here... on boone street around 9 o'clock last can ee the victims being loaded up into the ambulances and taken to the hospital.police say one man was shot in the eg... the other in the s possible there could e more victims n this incidenn... we are working to conffrm that. about an hour later....there was a second double shooting. this one in south east baltimore... along eaton street.two men were shot here. police are also investigating a shooting on rutland avenue... and one on frankford avenue too.again... 8 men were shot... in six different incidents... one oo them arrests have been made in any right now.we'll keep you posted at the morning cootinuus.i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. surveilllnce video tells part of the story.that flash going off is an off- duuy police officer's handgun., he's the defend
the government running and avoid the kind of costly shutdownsswe saw twice in the 1990s. it's expected to pass. congress could also pass measures to help people hit hard by the drought and by hurricane isaac but perhaps the biggest challenge --the so-called fiscal cliff -- a seeies of tax increases and spending cuts that experts warn -- taken together --could plunge the economy back into recession.they'll have about four weeks after the eleetion to deal with some of the largest tax increases and spending cuts this country has ever seen at one hundred ten billion dollars in cuts to everything from defense to education to food inspections next year alone -- will take effect in january unless lawmakers reach an agreement on reducing the deficit. one problem? -- republicans and democrats disagree on the bush tax cuts, due to expire at the end of this year. republicans want them extended for everyone... americans know what wooks: low taxes, reasonable regulations, and living within our means. democrats, led by president obama, support extending them just forrpeople making less than 200-
at. fat.ronald post is set to die by lethal injection.. for the killing of a woman in the p980's.but his lawyers argue client weighs nearly 5-hundred pounds... and the execution would mean more suffering.but others are frustrated by the move... saying what difference does it make? hhestill did it. he's still the same guy, if he weighed 1,000 pounds, he's still the same guy." "why ssould he be any different than anybody else, because he's overweight? so,,we're going to feed him for the rest of his life? no." "it's a little ridiculous. somebodd needs to go in there and monitor how these prisoners are being fed." other obese death row inmates have tried similar claims in thh past. so far... those filings have not been honored in the state of ohio. several states could have obesity rates of 60-percent... by the year 2030..hat's accooding to a new study... by "the trust for america's health and the robert wood johnson foundaaion."the report proposes to put america on a weight-loss challenge... saying if all adults reduced pheir body mass index by 5-perrent... states could saae billion
assistancea affer moving to the -s from mexico as a child."they came back to the united states, and my dad had to get help, financial help, the government helped his family be able to get on their feet again. by the way, that's the way america works. we help people, we get them on their feet and they build a brighttr future."but the rooney campaign is doing more than cleaning up that video leaked to mother jones magazine. consider what the gop nominee said on the similarities between the president's health care lawa& and his own."now and thennthe president says i'm the grandfather of obamacare. i don'ttttink he meant thaa as a compliment but i'll take it." after thh obama campaign noted what romney has said in the past about the lawa"i will repeal obamacare and i will kill it dead on the first day." one of the romney's top governor bobby jindal hopped on a conference call with reporters to say the candidate is not trying to have it both wwys."governor romney has made repeal and replace this very y - bad laa."after a rocky couple of weeks that'' seen more fundraisers thaa rallies the campai
it and describe the indescribable. 3 p bruce cunningham has fox 45 morning s. sports. coming up in our 6 o'clock hour... coverage... oo the death of former ravens owner....rt modell... he died early this morning of heart the city is resppnding to the morning of heart the city is resppnding to the traaic n♪i -- i got it ♪ i got it made ♪ i got it made ♪ i got it made fresh at subway ♪ ♪ breakfast made the way i say ♪ i got it made ♪ i got it made ♪ i got it made ♪ i got it made fresh at subway ♪ ♪ breakfast made the way i say [ male announcer ] get breakfast made the way you say, like your very own egg white & cheese topped with that creamy super food, avocado. want jalapenos? red onions? done and done. on toasty flatbread? you so got it made. ♪ at subway
sex.and where kids s young as seven... can compete in a competition. 3 3 3 monday, september 10. 3 map belairwilkensmap saying goodbye to a harford county sherrff's deputy.a viewing for for 34-year-old corporal chaales licato is schedulld for today. today. corporal licato was on-duty when he crashed his car on conowingo road last week.megan gilliland is here with more on where you can pay your respects. good morning guys, corporal licato was a 14-year veteran... with many friends on the force and throughout our region. a viweing for him will e held today and tomorrow from 2 to 9 p-m at mc-comas funeral home in abingdon. aaingdon.his funeral is scheduled or wednesday... at 11:00 a-m at the mountain christian church in joppa... with burial to follow at bel air memorial gardens. gardens.the crash that killed corporal licato... while on the job... last week is still under investigation. it shut down route one in darlington from sures--ille o castle-ton &proad.his friend and co- worker... was among the first to arrrve on the scene. ""e didnt leave his side, within seconds after the
against apple, motorola touted how the razor's stack up against the i-phone 4-s.motorola says its new razors will be faster and have larger screens than the i-phone. however, hat comparison may be true now but could be out of date if apple does indeed rolls out its new iphonn next seen ahead of apple's event. the company unveiled two psartphones -- the lumia 920 and lumma 820.but nokiaadidn't ggt the feedback it was oping for..nalyyts complained because the company didn't say who the carriir would be and didn't give a price, or a specific launch ssmply said it plans to start selling the lumia later this year.motorola was also short on details, only saying that pne of tte razors will be available next week... ut didn't give details on the othhr two week, it's apple's turn... and then shoopers will get to ddcide who's the winner.i'm alison posii in newwyork. makinggover..the hoopital gown.... one woman is getting rid of that embarrasing open back! president stated recently that if you are suucessful in america you have the government to thank. witho
in 24 hrs, twice the pped record iphone ii introducing the iphone 5 across the world faster than any of the device's 5 previous debuts. the iphone 5 will go on sale in 22 more countries on 28 september, apple said, 100 countries by the end of the yeer. 3 it's friday and that means it's your turn to sound off on our facebook page about anything yoo want. your mind-- and your response could air in our "facebook feedbacc" segment. segment.just go to facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore to become a fan and join the conversation. &pit was something she couldn' pass up. up."that's a great opportunity and i wasn't gonna let that slip by." by."but... she didnt have a one determined woman the next county - over. 3 homicide of young people in america has an impact on all of us. how can we save these young people's lives? as a police chief, i have an opportunity to affect what happens in a major city. if you want to make a difference, you have to have the right education. university of phoenix opened the door. my name is james craig, i am committed to making a di
from houston at dawn. rettred spacecraft is heading across the soothern u-s to its final home... and itts taking the scenic route. 3 after a two-day delay due to baa weather, endeavour took off from kennedy space center in florida wednesday...riding piggy-back on a modified across the country.endeavour is being shown off to the public along the way on a tour that includes a series of flyovers at 15-hundred finished out the first leg in it's expected to make a fueling stop in el paso, texas on the waa to edwards air force base in california.along the way, it will make a special flyover of tucson, arizona---- a tribute to former congresswoman gabby giffords.. wounded in a horrific shooting almost two years ago.gifford's husband mark kelly commanded endeavour's final mission into space.on friday, endeavour will embark on a aarial tour of northern's final journey is along 12 l-a-x to the california science center, where it will become an exhibit.the city of los angeles agreed to raise power lines and cut down 400 trees to clear the ay for the shuttle's par
getting into your homee and... one bank s ordered to pay 200 miilion dollars to its customers.what they did... and in the mail.. 3 3 3 3 &p33 -3 wednesday, september 26. 3 3 3 3 baltimore's new police commissioner takes the job a few days early. early. anttony batts is on the job right now, aad jjel d. smith is live t police heedquarters with thh reasoos why e's already in charge.... and what his style of crime fighting might llok like. ggod morninggjoel d. good morning guys.... anthony batts was scheduled o be swwrn in announcement on twitter ise taking over tuesday. tuesday. we told you first... live on our morning show about thh channe and here is what the depaatment tweeted out a littteelater... the official photo of anthony batts being sworn in. why? the department annouuced monday that actinggpolice commissioner anthonyybarksdale is taking medical leave indefinitely, so taking the top spotta couple days eaaly just makes sense. &pbattt was the mayor's pick fo police commissioner, and even cootract, he still has to be that hearing is set for next month.
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